Translating to Malay since 2012, and open source contributor.

About MNH48

muhdnurhidayat > I’m Muhammad Nur Hidayat, and MNH48 is one of my nickname I use online (the other being muhdnurhidayat, also styled MuhdNurHidayat). MNH48 came from the combination of the caps from alternate nickname MuhdNurHidayat and the lucky number 48. The number 48 came from a stupid suggestion I made in computer class back then in second form. There was an argument between 32-bit and 64-bit software at that time and I dumbly suggested for 48-bit as compromise between those two without knowing exactly what those bits are at that time. 48 is the result of (32+64)/2. Since I had many friends who literally called me 48 afterwards, often as sarcastic mean, I took a turn and make it as my lucky number instead.

Fast forward some years, I’m now a computer science student at Universiti Teknologi MARA, and I’ve been engaging in many translations especially for open-source softwares and Japanese songs or media. I’m also the core Malay translator for Minetest, a project which aims to make an open source voxel game engine and game similar to Infiniminer, which is also the game that inspired Minecraft.

Translation works

Other Stuffs I do

Aside from translations, I also do a few other stuffs such as writing some contents for Minetest.

You need moar information?

Take a look at my personal website, Twitter, GitHub, or YouTube accounts.